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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

When it comes to the world of Tinder, pictures are King to landing matches.

Pictures are the pillar to your profile, and when your profile has very few likes and even fewer matches on Tinder, the problem can stem from the pictures, and they not pulling their weight for your profile. 

We go in-depth and give you the juicy details on the rules we use when it comes to designing a Tinder profile with eye-catching pictures.


General Rules

Every guy’s goal at the end of the day is to increase the number of matches they are getting. 

In order to do so, you have to consider the quality and type of pictures you have on display, they are extremely important when it comes to landing more matches as well as a higher caliber of women.

A profile with good pictures and a weak bio has a good chance of getting swiped on.

While a profile with weak, low-quality pictures and a good bio will most likely get passed on.

Understanding how a picture will get a woman to react to your profile is key to landing more matches and ultimately more dates.

Knowing where, when, and what pictures to use and best line up with your personality can help you stand out in the sea of dudes out there.

Understanding why certain pictures will get a certain reaction and how to best use it to your advantage.

First Photo Defines You

We’re gonna start off with one of the most important pictures you are going to have on your profile, the first photo.

Your first picture HAS to be your best. This is your bread and butter pic and will dictate to many girls whether or not she’ll end up swiping like on you

The first photo of you should have a clear view of your face if you want to show off a great smile. 

You want the picture to appear very approachable. Good lighting is most definitely a must.

Make a good first impression, quickly.

You have less than 3 seconds to make a first impression on someone when you first meet them in real life. This time frame drops to less than 2 seconds when it comes to swiping on Tinder.

If she has been swiping for some time, you probably have less than 1 seconds as she is in a groove of swiping at this point.

If you don’t believe me ask yourself, have you ever just zoned out and started swiping left or right almost instinctively to the point that a lot of the profiles became a blur? Well, it happens to everyone, not just guys.

Having a great first picture that grabs her attention and intrigues her is important when thinking about what picture you should have first on your profile.

This will give you the highest chance of having her swipe right on you.

Worst Photo Defines You

While your first photo should be your best, your best photo is kept at the level of your worst photo.

So, if your worst photo has the potential to drag down the quality of your other pictures, it best not add it to your profile.

If you only have 4 good quality pictures of you then stick with 4. If you are trying to add a 5th and 6th but they have the potential to hinder your chances of getting liked. Just don’t add it.

Keep in mind, every photo will be seen as yes or no.

Last pic shouldn’t be worst

On a day to day interaction, a person will remember two things when it comes to meeting someone.

They will remember the initial interaction, and how they felt. The second thing they are going to remember is how they felt when they left the interaction.

First and last impressions are the most remembered memories of a person in any interaction and this is true for Tinder.

Your last picture should be just as good as your first picture.

If you stop a girl with your first picture she’s going to consider swiping like knowing this she’s going to view the rest of your photos and end up at your last photo while she decides if she likes it or not. Make sure your last photo is your second best at the very least.

So think of your profile as a way of making a first impression on someone that you want them to feel a positive experience when viewing your last picture cause it’s going to be the last thing they see before deciding whether or not to swipe left or right on you.

No women in pics

You often hear having women in your social circle will add more value to your image. I mean Dan Bilzerian does it, and so do tons of social media influencers right? 

Well, when it comes to Tinder and online dating that rule doesn’t necessarily carry over well.

Women are very quick to judge and get jealous. If they sense competition they are less likely to stick around and will typically categorize you as a player or a fuck boy.

If she has to sit there and wonder “Is that his friend, girlfriend, or relative” most women won’t waste their time pondering this and just go with the simple decision of swiping left.

There are only a few exceptions when it comes to this rule and even then you are walking a fine line with this. 

Think about it, if you come across a girl’s profile and she has a bunch of photos of her and other guys this will have you wondering whether or not to swipe like. As a guy, you will most likely still swipe right if she’s hot enough. 

A girl won’t sit there and ponder, chances are she’s gonna swipe not on you.

No dead animals or fish

I get it, you’re really adamant about hunting, you probably think it makes you look “Alpha”. You might even be logically correct. The problem is a majority of women love animals. 

So, if you are looking for a girl who is into hunting as you are, go ahead.

Dead animals in photos are very polarizing, even if a girl finds you attractive in every other field. They will feel as though their identity and morals as an animal lover is questioned by hanging out with someone who hunts them. 

So unless you are a die-hard avid hunter and its part of your identity. It’s best to leave these out.

No babies or children

If you are the type of guy looking for a long term relationship, first off Tinder isn’t your best choice for that. I understand the idea of being upfront about who you are. Kids indicate baggage. 

They will see the unnecessary chance of dealing with an ex baby mama as something to avoid. 

Girls don’t want to come into a picture where there are kids.

If you have photos of you working at a YMCA, or some youth group counselor, the picture needs to make that very apparent.

Women on Tinder can be looking for a good time and kids don’t give off that vibe.

Think of it as a video game where you are playing someone else’s saved game.

Don’t use old photos

If your best years were in high school and you’re 28. Don’t post pictures of you in high school with your varsity jersey. No one cares. 

Unless you look so close to your old photos that it’s almost non-noticeable, go ahead. 

There can be exceptions, but even then it’s best to use as recent as possible pictures of yourself. 

It’s inauthentic and just adds confusion when the time to meet up comes around. It’s best to have recent photos.

Use Group Photos Sparingly

Group Pictures where it’s not obvious who you are within the group. If a girl can’t tell who you are and what your face looks like, she is more likely to swipe no on your profile. 

The few times a girl will overlook you have girls in your picture is when you are in a group photo.

Group Pictures where it’s not obvious who you are within the group. If a girl can’t tell who you are and what your face looks like, she is more likely to swipe no on your profile.

Don’t have her playing Where’s Waldo with your pictures. 

No Selfies

Avoid these if possible unless it’s fitting. You want to be doing something cool in the selfie, like traveling, skydiving, surfing. 

It’s best to ask someone to take a second and snap a few photos of you if not then grab a simple tripod or gimbal for cheap and use it to take some shots of you.

As much as possible try and avoid the bathroom selfies, if you are wanting to show off your abs then do some in a more candid style, pool, or beach setting. Remember to portray the photo catching you in you naturally.

No Hat or Sunglasses

Studies have shown that people are more willing to trust others when they are able to see their eyes. 

So many photos of sunglasses keep them out.

When it comes to hats, this is more situational. Some women may have the thought creep up, “Is he trying to hide something underneath the hat?”

It’s best to have photos where your hair is groomed and well kept. Leave the hats for another time.

Use a variety of pictures

6 images from the same location or event make it seem as though that’s the highlight of your life.

Having a varied amount of photos where you are in different situations/events gives the feel of an active and fun life.

Shirtless only if you look good

Shirtless bathroom selfies, on every picture, are basically always gonna get you a swipe left.

PIctures where you are shirtless and you’ve got no muscle definition won’t help your cause.

Shirtless pictures should only be used if you can pull it off. That means if you want these shirtless pics then hop on a diet, get to the gym, and shed that fat.

If you are going to show off abs, or some muscle definition, again look as candid as possible. 

This is best while doing something that calls for you to be shirtless – Jet Skiing, Wakeboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding, even riding a motorcycle.

Doesn’t use multiple pics with the same shirt

If you have 5 pictures, and four of the 5 are all with the same outfit girls will pick up on this. If you are wanting to have a professional photo session bring multiple outfits.

We understand you have a “Lucky Shirt” this shirt makes you look good and its best fits your style, buy others that are either similar in fit and style but have some variety

Only use high-quality pictures

The picture itself should be of decent to high quality. No grainy or pixelated images. Ideally, you want good lighting. 

If you can afford it, invest in hiring a professional photographer. This will severely help out in getting those high-quality photos. Selecting a photographer can be difficult though. 

The higher quality photographers will charge at least a few hundred dollars in the US. If they are relatively new and looking to expand their portfolio then you might be able to do it for a cheaper price. 

Check out each one’s portfolio before hiring. If you can’t hire someone then get a friend//family member who has a DSLR, a good eye, and time on their hands to take photos of you for your online dating profile… 

What you need to have in your photos

This means that you don’t have a weird facial expression, poor posture, bad outfit, poor grooming, etc

It also means that you are the star of the picture and you are clearly visible.

Knowing how to set up your pictures is vital, knowing what you should have in your pictures will make or break the way your pictures are set. Understanding how a picture with a clear picture of your face is going to tell her a lot about you. Or a certain picture can make you appear as though you are a high-value individual. 

Outfits and grooming are key

Have 3-4 outfits that compliment your physique and style. If you can invest in going to a hairstylist and getting advice on what is modern and compliments you. 

If you can’t hire a hairstylist, look up what is currently trending and ask for advice on what might go with your hair type. Take it to a local barber or hair saloon and request for that style of haircut.

Show your face clearly

This is the most important aspect of every single one of your pictures. 

Group pictures you want to make it blatantly obvious who you are in the picture. 

Don’t make her think, she isn’t gonna spend the time searching the whole picture searching for you.

Treat this as though you are making your best first impression.

Appearing high value

With this in mind, there are a set of rules anyone looking to maximize their exposure on Tinder should keep in mind. 

Appear comfortable, in control, you want to appear as though you are enjoying yourself in the picture.

If you are part of a community or groups showing off yourself can help express this to her.

Confidence and security

Don’t cower or appear as though you are in a fragile state in the picture.

Your posture should be upright and well maintained. This means no slouching, hunching, or rounding of the back. 

Women want a man who has composure in his appearance. 

Smile in your pics

This ties in heavily with showing your face clearly. Although not every single picture needs to be you smiling. Look at though you are enjoying life, don’t appear like your life is way too serious.

If you are uncomfortable with your smile, start working on it now. Brush your teeth floss, get a dental check-up. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but there are some out there that need to be reminded. 

Be aware of how wide of a smile you are giving off when you are smiling. You won’t have to be grinning ear to ear but a smile with some teeth can do wonders.

Work with the angles that best flatter you, while smiling. Get a few photos taken and see which side is your “good side”.

Keep in mind eventually you will have to meet up with your match and she’s going to see your smile. 

Show your ink

If you have tattoos then show them off. It’s up to you how to best show them off and what you are most proud of.

But tattoos can add some individuality to you. Even better if there is an actual symbolic emotional meaning behind the ink.

A large number of women find ink extremely attractive so if you got it, show it.

Let your pictures do the talking about the person you are

Most people can pick up when something isn’t natural. Having your pictures feel natural, as though you are enjoying yourself in the moment and someone randomly snapped a picture of you, while also having a relatively high level of quality. 

Most photographers will and should be taking a decent amount of photos to get the best shot. Giving a large amount of opportunity to find a photo that is best. Again you want the candid appearance.

Popular Types of Photos

While cookie-cutter, these types of photos have proven to give you the best chances of landing a match with girls. They invoke many of the qualities we’ve spoken about above when it comes to what you want to be doing in a given photo.


Girls love almost all types of pets. Rule out bugs as some girls at the sight of them will run for the hills. Pets understand one thing, they love their owners almost unconditionally. 

Having pets will give you the appearance of “O he can be nurturing.”


In school, athletes are viewed as popular. That also carries over after graduating. You don’t have to be part of a professional team but having photos of you with a group of teammates tells women a lot. In good shape, social enough to be tolerated by others, goal-oriented


Are you a rock climber, maybe you hike your local trails on the regular. Having hobbies outside of the house typically means you are an active guy. Some hobbies are more attractive to a woman than others. Sorry if you spend your time collecting pokemon cards, you have less chance of intriguing the majority of girls. 

If you don’t have hobbies, ask yourself what interests you.

Try and find some hobbies that will be on the physical side. Running, cycling, skateboarding, etc…


A stylish fitted suit will go far with women. You might get away with the rental but having a suit that best fits you will give you a more mature appearance.

If you are going to be wearing a suit keep in mind that you are going to want to make sure it’s suited for the situation you’re in with the photo. 

If it’s a photo of you strolling through the mall, or a pier, some may question “Why are you wearing a suit at GameStop?”

Solo waist-up/headshot photos

This should line up with almost most of your photos unless you’ve got some full-body action shots.

Popular Spots to take photos

With COVID, group events may not doable, but once it clears up be prepared to get some of these locations will be great for photos as well as shots of either at a concert, sporting event, fundraiser even your local farmers market.


Flattering pics of you in the pool will do several things for you. 

Show off those abs and muscles, if you’ve got the muscles. Whether you are athletic from sports or working out, a good pool picture will give you a way of “showing off” without being so obvious. You give the appearance of appearing “candid” in the photo.

If you have friends in the picture, it’ll show off your social aspect as well with the photo


Beach is great for several reasons, most people who go to the beach are enjoying themselves. 

The possibility of getting a great candid shot of you while you are enjoying yourself gets you some of the best pics.

The types of shots you want give the appearance of you enjoying life. Sitting in front of your gaming pc won’t or tv watching Netflix ain’t gonna cut it.

Nature Trails

Most women want to feel as though if they are matching and going out with you, they are going to be going on an adventure. Photos of you out in nature will give off this, even better if you actually are the active outdoors type.

How many pictures do you need for tinder?

On the low range, you’ll want to be at around 4 photos minimum. 

While maxing out at 6 if you want 6 high-quality photos can be even better. 

There is no correct answer to this. Just use what you got that is best suited for your profile. 

Girls will only swipe no on you if your profile looks like a bot with one or two pictures. So the more the better appearance of “legit”.

how to take tinder pictures by yourself

DSLR, phone in the last 2 years.

Depending on the situation this will vary in methods. If you are a skateboarder or surfer, this will be some of these few exceptions where having a selfie stick will help you in this department. 

In other situations this will vary, investing in a gimbal or tripod for your camera/phone, and having a timer set for shots to be taken are gonna be your go-to.

You’re gonna want to take a large number of pictures from multiple angles. In this department, the quantity will lead you to quality.


Go through their portfolio, find photographers that specialize in taking pictures of people. Scourer their Instagram or Facebook, some will have a website too. Ask them all the questions you have. They understand you do not know what they know(9 times out of ten they already have answered pr-planned for common questions)


A portfolio specializes in taking pictures of people. 

Ask the opinion of other people of the photographer you are researching. Does that photographer’s style match what you are wanting to project on your profile?

If you are on the baller status trying out different photographers with different styles can also work for your advantage.


Rates vary from photographer to photographer. 

The better/more experienced they are the more they are going to cost you(unless you have a friend that is into it, then you can get it for free lol) you can expect a low-end photographer to charge your $75-$100 for an hour or two and the higher end pros can cost $375-$500 for a couple of hours. 

Some photographers won’t get out of bed for less than $200 these days.


The photographer you hire should have a DSLR camera that has been created within the past 5 years. Cameras don’t necessarily make a photographer “great” but you can expect to notice minor quality differences. 

They should not be taking photos with their phone. The better the camera the higher quality image you can expect, yes the camera does not make you a great photographer but it will definitely help.


Get as many photos taken as possible, large sample size = more chances of grabbing that great shot of you. You can expect to take hundreds of photos but only get 5-15 final edits depending on what you are paying for. 

Downtown, popular local spots(pier, mall), art district, beach, on a motorcycle (if you have one), doing your favorite hobbies, playing sports, hanging with friends.



That’s basically telling that photographer he wasted hours of his time editing for you to “do it yourself”. DON’T BE THAT GUY. If you don’t like an edit, tell the photographer and they will most likely make some changes for you.

That said, if you do have photos that have been taken with a high-quality camera phone, filters can be added to give some flare to it.


If by chance the photographer you went to is not up to par and refuses to re-edit any photos for free, then carefully select a filter that gives just a smidge of a better effect. Don’t make it super dark, light, or vibrant. Make it SUBTLE.


You are not the best judge of pictures, get multiple opinions. Ask your friends, family, or roommates. For honest feedback. They know you the best and can say whether that matches who you are or not.


We’ve seen this one mentioned several times before and well… If you want, give it a shot. But we are gonna be recommending this, seeing mixed reviews, we feel the best choice is going with the opinion of the type of girls you are interested in getting their opinion and go with that.


Now send your top picks to 5-6 honest, attractive female friends. These girls should be close or in the same demographic to the girls you are wanting to attract. 

I can already tell that this is something you may not want to do…

This is going to pay dividends in the long run, you won’t have to guess what the girls you find attractive to think of the pictures because they already gave you their opinion. If these girls whose opinion you’re asking for are friendly, they will love to help out a friend.

Girls pick up on the finer details more so than men, having several opinions will get you way more lies because they will notice what the girls swiping will notice.

Get a sample size from girls you find attractive.

Your pictures are the MOST IMPORTANT focus when it comes to your Tinder profile. If you’re not putting up pictures that are best fitted for you, that get girls to notice you, you aren’t going to get her to swipe yes on you. 

We’ve seen it time and time again. Guy’s asking why they aren’t getting results with Tinder and they only have 3 pictures on their profile with 2 being selfies.

Bad pictures are all around the Tinder community and most guys are unaware of how it’s hurting their chances of getting the matches. 

We help guys get started down the right path, having a clear set of methods that are designed to get you the matches you want. Visit our free download section for Tinder related guides on how to get started and creating The Ultimate Tinder Recipe for success. 

Ryan N.

Ryan N.

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