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Pictures are the main reason why a girl will swipe right or left on your profile.

You can have the looks of a model, but with low quality pics, girls will swipe left on your profile.

Following this guide will help you attain the best results possible.

And the best part is, you don’t have to look like a model to get lots of matches each week.

Your First Photo Defines you

A lot of girls will swipe right or left on the first picture alone. You want your first picture to clearly define who you are. Group photos, selfies and blurry pictures are a no go.

Get a waist up picture that clearly shows who you are.


If a girl looks at all your pics, your worst photo also defines your profile. If you have one bad picture, girls might swipe left.

Go through your account every few months and delete old pics and anything that doesn’t match the quality of what is currently on the profile.

Don’t wear a hat and or sunglasses

It’s assumed wearing a hat and or sunglasses hides who you actually are. It makes you look less attractive.

Smile In Your Photos

Look at the camera and smile. Multiple studies by tinder have confirmed that this can lead to more matches.

Show off your body (But don’t use a selfie)

If you are athletic, take some pictures of your body.

Don’t be the douche though that uses a selfie.

Use a picture at a beach or pool where being shirtless is natural.

High-Quality Pictures (DSLR Camera If Possible)

If you have access to a DSLR camera, use that to take photos. If not it’s ok, most smartphones today take high quality pics.

Just make sure to not use grainy or blurred photos

Adding Filters to photos

Adding a subtle filter can make your picture look better. Play around with apps, instagram, or photoshop.

Variety of Pictures

Make sure you have different pictures throughout your profile.

Include a group photo, some hobbies, and flex a bit.

Final Thoughts

Implement these changes to your picture selection, and you will get more matches guaranteed.

Your profile is a constant work in progress. Make it better each and every day.

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