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Tinder Swipe Surge

Game Changing Tinder Opener

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Boom, you get the swipe surge notification

Not sure what it is?

No worries

I’ll be going over what you do so that you get a ton of matches.

My first swipe surges, I got 1-2 matches.

Not bad, but I could do better.

Recently I’ve gotten 4-5.

That’s a 100% increase in matches.

You too can get a 100% increase in matches if you follow this guide.

So let’s get right into it.

What's A Swipe Surge

The easiest way to explain a swipe surge is to look at Uber.

If you’ve used Uber during peak hours, you’ll notice surge pricing.

Because of the demand in Ubers, you have to pay more to get a ride.

With Tinder, this is when the most users are on the app in a given time.

It’s at least 2x the normal amount of users on the app.

According to Tinder, “During a Swipe Surge, activity is up to 15x higher. Your match-making potential is increased by 250 percent, which means you’ll also spark up a new conversation with someone 33 percent faster.”

Reasons for a swipe surge

Swipe surges can happen at any time, but more common than not surges may line up with the following.

  • Festivals
  • Holidays
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Sunday Nights
  • Monday Nights
  • Holidays (Valentine’s Day)

Your location will influence this. If you are far away from the area of a surge you may not notice the increase in users.

The most common days for a surge to occur outside of events are

Sunday & Monday.

On Sundays, most people are free at the end of the weekend & have time to kill.

On Monday, no one is going out. On top of that they might have had a long day at school or work.

Which btw are the best times to use a Tinder Boost

During one of these Swipe Surges, you’ll get a notification letting you know that it’s taking place.

If you take part during a surge, your profile will be towards the beginning of the swipe deck.

This is pretty much a free Tinder boost.

The profiles you swipe on will also be participating in the swipe surge.


Tinder has made it very clear for users to know when a surge is active.

Profiles will have a green SURGE icon imprinted on the profile.

You’ll see this swipe surge badge if someone is active.

How do you sign up for a swipe surge?

Currently, there is no way to “sign up” for a Swipe surge.

It happens anytime and any day.

This can be annoying as if you are busy with School, Work, or a life….

You can’t take advantage of the surge

If you are in an area where the swipe surge is active you will receive a notification from Tinder.

From there, pull up Tinder and you are good to go.

Is it Free?

Swipe Surges are 100% FREE.

So every member in the area on Tinder will receive the benefits of a Swipe Surge.

You do not need a Tinder Gold or Plus account.

Having a premium account will allow for unlimited swipes.

And having unlimited swipes is huge.

Especially if you run out of them during a swipe surge.

When should you message a Swipe Surge match

Once you get that match during a swipe sure you need to move into the messaging phase.

Wait a few minutes, then message her.

Chances are, she’s still on the app.

And she will remember your profile.

So strike while the irons are hot.

I’ve landed a few dates using this technique.

Take advantage of the situation.

If you need an opener to start the conversation with

Get my best openers sent to your email for free. 


The biggest difference to a Tinder Swipe surge is the number of people active during this time frame.

More people active increases the likelihood of your profile getting swiped on.

Another benefit of a swipe surge is being put in the front of the deck, during surges.

As if you received a free Boost


If you follow the advice down below, you will get more matches during the Surge.

If you don’t, you can go the entire surge without getting any matches.

Swipe More

If you want to take full advantage of a swipe surge, your best bet is to swipe more during it.

If you’re a free user, use up all your swipes during a surge if you already haven’t used it already.

Paid Gold & Plus members don’t have to worry about “saving” swipes.

They have unlimited swipes, so binge swiping during a surge session is the best bet.

Better Profile

Plain and simple a higher quality profile will pay dividends during a Swipe Surge.

Investing in higher quality pictures & a more creative bio will make swipe surges worth it.

For an optimized profile, check this free Tinder profile hack.

It will 10x your matches in no time. 


Touching on the previous section.

Swipe surges can be game-changing if your profile is ready for them.

If you have a profile with  great pictures and swipe more, you will land more matches.



You can disable the swipe surge notifications 3 different ways.

In the app, go to settings. Disable push notifications.

On your phone go to settings. Mute Tinder notifications.

The last extreme option is to delete tinder. Only redownload it when you want to swipe on profiles.


Swipe Surge is it’s a momentary boost and doing a boost while a surge is occurring won’t be worth it.

When you swipe during a surge, your profile is more likely to appear to others swiping at the moment.

Swiping right on someone not on the swipe surge is like swiping on someone without a boost.


Super likes during a surge will benefit you during a surge as it would during regular hours.

During the surge, you already know the person you swiped on is active.

So you’ll find out sooner than later if she swiped right on you.



You will not be able to swipe right on profiles. You can only swipe more if you upgrade to gold or plus.

Is Tinder Gold Worth it?

How about Tinder Plus?

Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

If you need the ability to swipe more.

Get Plus.

If you want a bunch of other features.

Such as seeing your likes….

Go with Gold.


Final Thoughts

Swipe Surges… are a great way to get a lot of matches in a short amount of time.

You can even land a date during one.

Optimize your profile and keep swiping to take advantage of the full benefits.

And if you are a free user, save some likes for the surge.

If you need any help on Swipe Surges…

Join the Pickup Pros Facebook Group.

Whether you have a profile, messaging or general dating question.

A member will help you achieve your dating goals.

Game Changing Tinder Opener

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