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What Are You Looking For On Tinder

What Are You Looking For On Tinder

Game Changing Tinder Opener

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What are you looking for is a make or break question.

Anyone who has been on Tinder for more than a month has heard it before

Answer it wrong, expect to never hear back from her.

Or even worse, you find out she unmatched you.

It’s happened to me quite a few times when I first started using Tinder.

This might be cruel, but that’s the reality of the situation.

Girls want to filter out those who have differing intentions. 

They get lots of matches so they have options.

In this guide, I’ll be taking you through what works best for this situation.


Guys and girls have two different expectations from what they want on Tinder. 

As assumed, most guys want to hookup, while girls would rather date.

A recent study confirmed these findings.

50% of guys only want to hookup compared to 15% of girls.

This puts you in a bad situation if you tell a girl that you want to hookup. 

85% of girls say they don’t want to hookup (even if that is their intention).

So how do you answer this shit test?


Tinder Users Vs Other Apps.

More girls hookup on Tinder then the other top dating apps.

So if you are looking to hookup you’re in luck.

If you want to find a relationship, you should use hinge instead.

Check out our article on Hinge vs Tinder here. 

Bumble and OkCupid are in the middle. They have users wanting both hookups and relationships. 





Your best bet is to be somewhat ambiguous by letting the girl know that you want to meet new people.

Honesty actually scares off girls in online dating.

They won’t admit to wanting to hookup in fear of social consequences.

Girls that hookup tend to fall in the “easy” category.

Avoid over sexualizing the conversation and lead to getting a date with a girl.

On the date you can lead her to what works best for both of you.

From there you can convert her to a hookup or into a relationship.

If you aren’t sure what to say next in the conversation, post the messages in The Pickup Pros Facebook Group.



If you optimize your profile & messaging, you won’t receive this message.


Make your intent clear in your profile.

Frame your pictures and bio for what you actually want on Tinder.

On top of that, make her feel that she is missing out if she doesn’t go out with you.

Remember though, make sure you have high quality pics & write an original bio.

If you need help perfecting your profile, check out this free profile hack.

It’s helped countless guys like you go from few matches to landing 3+ dates a week. 



You need to take control of your conversation.

Lead it to where you can get a number or snapchat.

This starts with the opener of the conversation.

Send the wrong opener, and your conversation will fail from the beginning.

Get these free Tinder openers 

They set the right frame and will land you dates.


Final Thoughts

Everyone is on Tinder for different reasons.

Answering “What are you looking for” is make or break if you want to land a date.

If she stops replying or unmatches, move on

Find the next girl that is on here for the same reason.

Game Changing Tinder Opener

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