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You Have a Secret Admirer Tinder

Game Changing Tinder Opener

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Did you get the You Have A Secret Admirer Notification?

Unsure what it is?

I know I was when I first got it.

I thought I had unlocked something on Tinder.

Little info was available at the time.

So let’s go over what it is.


Secret Admirer is a card in the Tinder deck that will show you four girls at random.

You pick one of them to reveal who liked your profile.

This is an opportunity to get a free preview of Tinder Gold.

You can either like, superlike, or swipe left on the profile shown to you.

If you swipe right or superlike (Don’t waste your superlike on this), you will match with the profile.

You will see a gold icon next to the girl under your conversation tab.

She will not receive a notification that you found her through Secret Admirer.

There also will not be a gold icon next to your name.

If you swipe left, you don’t match and nothing happens.


Secret Admirer is an ad to promote Tinder gold.

Tinder gold allows you to see what girls swiped right on your profile.

Secret admirer, shows only four girls at random

You can’t see your likes. 

Tinder gives you only one free profile to look at.

This entices free users to buy a gold membership.

The Gold user will now have the ability to see all the girls that have liked him.

He can decide if he wants to swipe right, superlike, or swipe left.

Tinder Gold Users also have the following benefits.

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind
  • 5 Superlikes a day
  • 1 Boost a month
  • Passport
  • Top Picks
  • No Ads
  • More Privacy Settings


There is no guarantee that you show up as one.

Showing up in the card is a random process.

Tinder though isn’t going to show low quality profiles in the Secret Admirer card.

First, you need to optimize your profile.

You need to have a profile that is worthy of Tinder to showcase.

So many guys like a girls profile, so you need to stand out.

That means you need to have great pictures & a customized bio tailored to your profile.

If you want to build a profile that is worthy of featuring as a Secret admirer, check out my Free Profile Hack.

This hack will 10x your weekly Tinder Matches.

The second step in being a Featured Admirer is to swipe right on a girls profile.

She must not have Tinder Gold

While it’s difficult to spot if a user has Gold, there are a few signs I’ve seen.

Hiding your location & or age is a paid feature associated with Gold. Most Gold members don’t use this feature though, so it’s difficult to spot.

The final step is a mixture of luck and constant swiping.

Look it’s no guarantee that you show up in this card.

If you use all your free likes, you have a higher chance at being a featured admirer.

It’s like buying 1 lotto ticket vs 100.

Both aren’t great chances, but I’ll take 100 over 1.


This Tinder card shows up every few days.

If you are more active on the app, the card shows more often.

It also tends to show up more often for users who have more likes.


When you get this message after picking a random profile, you don’t have four likes.

If you have no likes on Tinder, you need to change your approach on the app.

I was in this boat for a while. Joining a community like a Facebook Group can help.

Share your profile and members will help you out with it.


Tinder will ping your phone with a notification when this is present in your deck. The message will say: “Your secret admirer isn’t so secret anymore… 👀”

You can still get this to show in your deck without the notification though.


I’ve found that the quality of the girls shown are below the ones shown for top picks.

It should align up close to your ELO score.

If you want to see hotter girls, you need to raise your score. Check out our guide on Tinder Profile Tips to raise it.


It’s definitely hit or miss, but you can’t pass up the opportunity to use gold for free.

If you get a new match, great. 

Now you can send her one of my free proven tinder openers.

Pickup Pro users send these on a daily basis to meet up with girls on Tinder. 

Check them out and land a date with your secret admirer.

Game Changing Tinder Opener

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